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Hanging with Mr. (Bradley) Cooper

Thursday, March 14th, 2013 - In Theater, Movie Musings, On Location

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Things I’m always up for:

  • Free things
  • Movies
  • Advanced screenings that make me feel “in the know”

So when I saw that the Boston Globe was hosting a free, advanced screening of “The Place Beyond the Pines” starring Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling, it seemed the stars had clearly aligned and I immediately roped by friend and frequent movie partner Kara in to see it.

having dinner with BradleyWhat made the screening extra cool was the scheduled post-movie Q&A with director and writer Derek Cianfrance! But when it came time for the Q&A with Boston Globe movie editor Janice Page, the audience was in for a surprise when the film’s star and recent Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper joined him!

Cianfrance (who also directed Blue Valentine) was apparently having dinner with Bradley (yeah, that’s how tight we are now) nearby and asked him to tag along–which he did to the delight of the audience.

Derek and 2012’s sexiest man alive (who was dressed way down in a hoodie and baseball hat, but still managed to look super hot) answered questions about preparation for roles, project choices and lots of questions about the film: character development, where the inspiration for the plot came from, and what the name of the movie means (Schenectady, NY, where the film was filmed and set, is the Mohawk word meaning “beyond the pine plains”).

The Globe posted a bunch of way better pictures on Facebook; yes, I waited in that lo-o-o-ng line, but got in with the first group thanks to my spot (lucky 99!)

lucky 99

I’ll post my thoughts on the movie later, but first, an Oscartini tip: Always go to screenings. Sometimes one of the film’s stars will show up… and it will be awesome!

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